I don’t know about you but, when I’m creating websites for software VARs (or just reviewing them), I don’t like to use (or see) the standard “business woman with a headset on a white background” images. I saw enough of those in the 90s…and you can still find sites using such images poorly that are live and in the wild right now…and I’m going to spare the site I just looked at and not link to it…so you’re welcome…and, yes, sometimes I overuse ellipses when I write copy for myself.

Anyhow, that bias (or design choice) leaves me constantly on the lookout for sites that offer free or Creative Common licensed images. One of my recent finds that doesn’t get a lot of press is Pexels.

Pexels comes with a ton of new business-related photos. Think meetings with laptops on wooden tables in coffee shops. And, yes, those are getting cliched now too.

All kidding aside, Pexels is a fine “not your usual stock photo” site. And, they handpick all the photos to keep it that way. So there you go. A free plug.

And, if you’re still looking to find images for your site after you check out Pexels, you can find another great list of 17 awesome stock photo sites here.